Recipe – Mild curried stir fry with Quorn pieces

Okay so what was meant to be a simple vegetable stir fry turned into a food and flavour experiment… it paid off though it was delicious so I thought I’d share this healthy meal with you. 🙂

Ingredients: (3 people)

Onion (1/2) , carrots (1), red Peppers,(2) Leeks,(1) Courgette,(1) PakChoi, Beansprouts, (whole fresh bag) Quorn pieces (about 15 individual small pieces), 5 spice, soy sauce, ginger, corriander, star anise, coconut milk, chopped parsley,                                                              egg noodles in a corriander dressing


1) Add Olive oil to the pan and stir fry the onion untill soft and clear
2) Add the peppers and carrots – keep stirring untill cooked and soft
3) add the frozen pieces of Quorn – check when you can easily break the pieces up
4) Add the leeks, courgette & Pak Choi
– Keep stirring these together in a Wok or large frying pan for about 10 – 15 minutes
5) – Add the egg noodles to the wok – add a little a small amount of water / stock to stop the noodles from sticking
6) – Add the fresh pack of Beansprouts (ready cooked) and again keep stirring, then add the chopped parsley
7) Now time to flavor and season – add Chinese 5 spice, soy sauce, finely chop ginger, ground corriander, & pinch of star anise,
8) – Optional add a handful of Cashew nuts for that crunchy texture
9) If you want to make your sauce thicker, (slightly more curry like) then add a tin of coconut milk.
– keep stirring on a low heat making sure it’s stirred in well and the stir fry is nicely heated.




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