Spicy potato and tomato chicken bake


1kg potatoes,2 onions, garlic, 2 cartons/tins chopped tomato’s, two peppers, leftover cooked chicken,paprika, black pepper, cayenne pepper, chopped parsley, sour cream, dollup of tomato purée,


1) cut open and peppers and oven roast for about 15 mins
2) bring potatoes to boil in large pan (20mins)
3) fry onion till very soft
4)Add two cartons/ tins of chopped tomato’s and 2 tsp of paprika – stir well
5) Add the chopped garlic
6)Once the peppers have roasted cut them up into small chunks and add to the tomato sauce
7) Add a tsp of Cayenne pepper (if you want it that little bit extra spicy) v
8) Add the cooked chicken, let it warm up in the sauce but turn the tomato sauce onto a low heat and then turn it off
9) Add the sauce to a large oven prove dish, and spoon over the mash potato over the top (If you want the potato to be that little bit creamier mix in some sour cream with the mash potato)
10) Bake until golden and the sauce is bubbling (about 15/20 mins) at Gas mark 6



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