Manchester Trip (24-26 June 2013)

Like I said I wanted to start again and really keep up with my personal blog, there were so many things I got up to in my first year of university which although are documented in pictures  (1000’s) and Facebook and my own memories, sadly I didn’t have an up and coming blog to blog about my first year. So this summer (slightly less excited i’m sorry to admit) will be focused on improving my technical skills and knowledge of digital and film photography, to keep up a blog, to try and get a part time job and keep fit.

This weekend just gone I went to stay with my best friend in Manchester. Manchester is such an amazing place and although I only live an hour away I really don’t know it at all. My other best friend Jazz came to stay from Lancaster uni with us too. We had a great weekend, during the days Jazz was studying for her TEFL course so she can teach English in Spain.

During my weekend in Manchester I explored the wonderful vintage shops in the Northern quarter and Affleck’s Palace, I tried bobo Chinese tea in China town(this was seriously weird), ate at Wagamama’s for the first time (IT WAS AMAZING) and managed to eat a small part with chopsticks. BOOM! And watched Despicable me 2 in the Print works cinema.

As for nights out and bars we went to The Courtyard – pint of Gaymer’s cider 2.20 not bad, not bad at all. Went to Factory at night. Then we went to The Thirsty Scholar which although amazing and I loved it, I will never go back as my pint cost me 4.50 which is absolutely ridiculous in my eyes.


This is me and my two best friends; Jazz & Mo on Friday night we filled up a film on Mo’s disposable camera and got them processed on Sunday.


This is me and Jazz in the park near where Mo lives having a rest after walking around with our bags all around Manchester, after finishing some amazing frozen yogurt. #socute


And this is me enjoying the sun and the heat whilst sitting in Mo’s kitchen. I wish I had a window seat like this, I could sit there for hours watching the world go by.


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