Firstly I have to apologize for not posting on here, I have been away and seriously busy with some personal and family issues. However the bright side is due to the gap I have so much to fill you in on. I think I’ll start with my London trip.

Most photographers, bloggers, business people know London. But I have only ever visited London three times, each was a day trip and years apart. My friend from university; Catherine invited me to stay with her in her dads apartment for a week in the beginning of July. Of course I said yes, (despite having no money to my name) and I had such a good week 🙂


Catherine said to me: I probably won’t take many photographs because I’ve seen all the tourist attractions and I’ve been to London so many times. This slightly amused me because as a photography student I can’t think of anything more boring that photographing the things like 1000+ tourists photograph everyday. However I couldn’t miss this view from the bridge in St James park. It’s so picturesque and fairy tale like. Something that I could really do with at the moment, to be transported to a fairy tale safe haven.

The first evening we walked to Leicester Square and had a look around, just soaking up the atmosphere and then had a lovely late evening meal at Bella Italia. We had the perfect seat in between the open french windows overlooking the street dancers in Leicester Square. 🙂


This is a snap shot of my friend Catherine and what I ate at Bella Italia 🙂

On the Tuesday we had a meander around London and went around looking for last minute west end show tickets. In the end we went to see Once. During the day we explored SOHO and went to the photographers gallery, (However usually I love the photographers gallery when we went only one floor was open and so that was quite frustrating.) The Tuesday was quite rushed and way more stressful than it should of been.  Anyway we had the show to look forward to that night.

Once is a theatre production of a film about an Irish busker who feels he has lost his way and his music but meets a Czech woman who shares his passion for music and together they rekindle their love for folk music. The play was well acted but the story line is just a bit drab and during the second half it was hard to say any more than a typical love story with tedious solo’s from the protagonists about each other. However the first act was funny, touching and fresh. I don’t enjoy musicals, I find myself getting bored of the endless songs. But the folk music felt more like watching a live gig and so appealed to me much more. 🙂 The supporting cast were brilliant.


The Wednesday was by far the best day 🙂 We went to the Natural History Museum to see the Dinosaurs (since I was a little kid, I have always been fascinated and slightly obsessed by them. My favorite Dinosaur was Allosaurus!


Part of the Natural History exhibition was a special photographic exhibition by the absolutely incredible Sebastiao Salgado’s Genesis. Every print and photograph took my breath away. I must of spent about three hours in their. Each image was so beautiful and personal. Both his portraits of animals and people. Something that amazed me was the quality of his images and finding out that he was 5,000 metres away, up in the air in a hot air balloon. Even if you hate photography or nature, I believe that every single person should see this exhibition.  I would upload an example of his work but it just wouldn’t give it any justice. Some of the photographs gave me goose bumps and brought a tear to my eye. The most moving and touching piece of work I have ever seen.

It’s open till the 15th September so If you’ve not been, I could not recommend anything more!!

After the Natural history museum we ate our home made  lunch (saving money time) And I had a panic attack my train ticket home to Leamington Spa was not valid for the Thursday 05th it was Valid for the day I got my train to London from Chester. I CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED THAT! Luckily I re-brought the ticket on the day and it only cost 7.00 could of easily been like 20 for a single.

Anyway after that fiasco we caught the subway to Camden to check out the vintage shops, markets and street food. I love Camden! It’s so interesting, just wish we could of spent longer there. This is one of the images I took in Camden I love the scene and how engrossed the buskers are in their music.

camden busker blog


man and his dog_edited-1

I love this image taken in Camden, the man looks so deep in thought, perhaps he’s reflecting back on his childhood or memories of long ago…


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