Nina Nesbitt – Selfies Review

Nina Nesbitt’s music video for new single: Selfies – The first track from new album Peroxide, was premiered via VEVO on YouTube on December 16.

Peroxide is released in the U.K on February 17 2014.

Nina Nesbitt, 19, is a Scottish singer songwriter, equipped with bleach blonde hair and a love for all things vintage. Nesbitt broke into the music scene by a chance meeting with Ed Sheeran after a gig where she played him one of her first songs on his acoustic guitar titled: Standing On One Leg. He invited her to support his Glasgow gig. Nesbitt has grown ever since.

I have been a fan of Nina Nesbitt for a few years now, back when she was pretty undiscovered and way before she became an online phenomenon backed by her fans or ‘Nezbian’s’.

A song about Selfies, to be honest I cannot match the subject choice with a more appropriate artist. Nesbitt is idolised for her quirky and unique fashion style, her fun and bubbly persona, and daily interesting picture posts, across a range of media platforms. Such as: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Nesbit defines ‘the cool Selfie’.

Selfies is a light-hearted song with an unserious and low budget video to match, the aesthetic is much more ‘teen pop culture’ than previous song’s such as Apple Tree and Seesaw. I guess as Nesbitt grows in popularity her songs, like many other artists drift towards the ‘poppy synth sound’. But it’s catchy, it will get people talking and it’s current.

Taking a Selfie has become contagious and has spread across the world. Nesbit hints to selfies being used to prove to someone who hurt you that you’re fine and happy, a way of showing happiness and well-being. Selfie was recently added to the dictionary and was titled, Oxford word of the year. Nesbitt aims to show people that Selfies are a bit of fun and not attention seeking. Although people’s lives may seem great, everyone is human and although the Internet shows a lot. At the end of the day, the Internet only shows us what people choose to put on.

Nesbitt has been critiqued as a ‘budget version of Taylor Swift’ However I disagree, Nesbitt is making her way up and I am sure she will get bigger and bigger. Sadly it’s not all about the music anymore but instead it seems to be about how you can market yourself across social media platforms to gain idolising fans. Nesbitt however should be commended for her determination to succeed and the understanding of what fans want. The video or the song is not cheap or tacky it’s an incredibly good pop song.

If you like Amy Macdonald, Lily Allen, Taylor Swift, and Lenka check her out via Facebook or Spotify.

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