Bombay Bicycle Club – 05/03.2014 – Newcastle 02 Academy gig


“It has been so long since I went to s small scale standing gig, where I could submerse myself with the 100’s of other people all equally high spirited and living for the moment. And last night I enjoyed being back in the scene of my 14 year old self travelling to Manchester every couple of weeks for a gig. For the second time I saw Bombay Bicycle Club live, this time at the 02 Academy in Newcastle for their album tour of ‘So Long See You Tomorrow’ the bands first number one album. There were three things which struck me about this gig 1) I wasn’t actually the smallest for once despite only being 5.3 – direct comment to the youth of the crowd, 2) I actually felt old, it’s rare I feel like this and it is not a great feeling.  3) The hilarious notion of drunken 16 year olds attempting to start a mosh pit TO BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB? SERIOUSLY. I mean yeah I’ve been there for gigs like Biffy, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Alterbridge & Shinedown but Bombay Bicycle Club?!

Okay enough of me rambling about my teenage years disappearing too fast, heres my actual review:

Supporting Bombay Bicycle Club was Flyte a new band who released their first single just a few days ago. Similar sounds to B.B.C’s first album (I had the blues but shook them loose) but less distinctive. There set was catchy and a great crowd warmer without the hints of annoyance and cheesiness which often goes hand in hand with ‘catchiness’.

Rae Morris, an already established artist who also toured with B.B.C on there previous tour brought to life the concert and set up a fantastic atmosphere. Similar to early sounds of Lorde and Birdy’s more up tempo tracks. Morris has that endearing, pure quality which could capture audiences of 1000’s. Particular favourite tracks are ‘From above’, ‘Don’t go’ and ‘Grounded’


Bombay Bicycle Club cannot be coined to one sound or genre each album has differed dramatically in tone and style but So Long See You Tommorrow is perhaps the beginning of there own individual style.

Bombay Bicycle club smoothly travelled from track to track with such a grace. Conversation was kept to a minimum, all attention was kept on the enjoyment of the music. Opening with first track off their album 'overdone' the band wasted no time reaching the punchy 'almost aggressive' tone which is hinted throughout the album. The bands set was enthralling; a mixture of dimly lit still stage moments to neon, illuminations depicting abstract projected shapes of dancing women, people, trees, shapes, colours and shadows. Liz Lawrence joined the band for their collaboration of new single 'carry me' which is even more poetically rich than on the album.  'Shuffle' was where the crowd really came to life a mixture of dancing, swaying, jumping and of course shuffling to the same electronically pleasing sound. And of course Lunar provided the perfect building of a almost frantic quality with Steadman's gritty unperfected vocals to Rae Morris's silky smoothless combined with an undertone of warming African beats the track really was performed phenomenally.

Sadly although Bombay mixed there new album with old tracks they missed out a few key favourites of mine which I believe would have taken the concert to a whole new level for the audience. Tracks such as Ivy and Gold – you could hear the murmur of voices: hoping they would burst back on to stage for their encore with it but sadly not. Other tracks such as jewel, dust on the ground and flaws were also greatly missed.

Of course they put on a great show, not only in the electric range of music and Steadman's unique vocals but also a fairy tale like mix of animation, art and lighting all brought together in a superb seamless blend of talent. Furthermore throughout the set the albums inspiration of Steadman's travels accross India and Europe is brought to life with a real sense of travelling and exploring the unknown in a blurry, dizzy mix of high emotions.

Conclusion: I am full of that all too familiar feeling of a melancholic sadness which you always get the day after a great gig, returning home from a festival or holiday with friends. You just want to be back where nothing matters apart from the music, having fun, dancing,  and once again the music!


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