Photography started out as a simple hobby; holiday snaps, pictures of friends, things that I found interesting. But visiting art and photographic galleries with my parents really inspired me to develop my hobby further so I saved up money ( for a long time) and bought myself an DSLR and began to shoot anything and everything. In school I learnt about photo shop and basic photographic principles but it was very minimal, my learning and development came from my own passion to achieve and make something of my skill. I took a two week work placement at Digital exposure a commercial and advertising photographic company. I really enjoyed the experience but it showed me that commercial photography wasn’t what I really wanted to do. I believe photography is about expression and freedom, advertising photography is about making something look better than it is. I now study photography at Sunderland university, having completed my first year with a high 2:1 I am thrilled and so happy I pursued my love for photography. I just want to be as creative and dynamic as possible so I will continue to try my best 🙂

Visit my website for examples of my work here:


or Facebook search: Leah Parker Turnock photography


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